Arabic Bloggers Forum in Beirut: How to make your blog URL on Google search first page?!

The 2nd Arab Bloggers Forum that takes place in Beirut from the 8th to the 13th of December has gathered 60 different bloggers from all the Arab World to exchange their experiences and give tips in how to become a more professional blogger in the Arab region.

Who among you have ever heard of SEO? SEO is the Search Engine Optimization. But what is that really? And why does the 2nd Arab Bloggers Forum give a one hour presentation about it.

Amir has the answer. Let us say you own a blog, a website or anything on the internet. If you are posting something for yourself, then you do not need your link to be published on the first page of Google search. But what if you want more readers, more viewers and to promote yourself or your product more. Then you need to master the SEO rules.
Google and other search engines (such as Yahoo) do not put pages in random on the top page. They follow a strategy. They look into two factors. The first is to have your key words related to the search that people usually type into the search engine. But what are those words? There is always an answer.

Use This service allows you to know how many people are searching for this word per month. You could also help in knowing the number of people searching for this world per country or per language too. This is step one. You identified what words have more searches on. Here you have to take care of the following, if the word or sentence you are looking for has many viewers; this means that this word is very competitive. It is unlikely that you have your publication on the first page. For example, “Beirut” will have around 300.000 hits per month; this means it will be hard for you as a new blogger to have your blog on the first page. What will you do in this case? You choose a word which is less competitive.

Step two is using those words in your publication. Let us say you found that the phrase “Crazy Lebanese” have around 50.000 searches in a month. Here is your domain which you can compete in. You use those words “Crazy” and “Lebanese” in your publications. It is more important that you use them in the Blog title, in the parts titles and the categories.

Ok now you have made your preparation to make Google look into your website. But what will guarantee that you will be on the first place? Google will be searching for how many links you have? So now all you have to do is to create links to what you are posting (watch out, do not link to your whole website, link to the thing you want to promote – copy the URL). Post it everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, your friends. Ask other people to promote your post. Deceive Google by getting more links from everywhere. The more hits you get, the more it will make your publication go further in the Search Engine. Now you know what is SEO. This is just an example of what was going on Twitter: “Amir was arguin(g) how can we attract links/traffic 2 websites/blogs by usin(g) SEO, @NightS said this is Google’s definition of ranking => #AB09”.

This interesting presentation is a part of of the AB09 (the used hash on Twitter of the Arab Bloggers Forum) workshop series. Other workshops will discuss other topics such as: “What is the effectiveness of Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook?”, “Discussion why we blog and why we don’t” run by Wael Abbas, a prominent Egyptian Blogger, “Security and Privacy” on the Internet with how to lock your computer and how to secure your websites against hackers. Other sessions will include presentations about “Kulna Leila” project to promote women’s rights in the Arab world throughout digital media, “Hibr Lubnani” Lebanese magazine and website along with the Jordanian Newspaper “7ibr” to talk about their experiences as free citizenship and youth media outlets.

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