Meet Our #AB14 MC Mohammad Alqaq

#AB14 MC Mohammad Alqaq
#AB14 MC Mohammad Alqaq

It was an action-packed day for Jordanian artist Mohammad Alqaq, who led an army of Arab bloggers at the Fourth Arab Bloggers Meeting, taking place in Amman, Jordan, until Thursday [January 23, 2014].

“I enjoyed every minute of it,” said Alqaq.

“My role at AB14 is to be the butterfly of the event. That means I try to make everyone as comfortable as I can; keep time; keep the group motivated and spread the positive energy. I try to make them move through group activities, which keep them energised.”

Today's programme started with a morning circle, which Alqaq says is instrumental in breaking the ice and introducing the group to one another. The meeting brings together more than 80 activists, bloggers and academics, from across the Arab world and beyond.

“What I loved about today is that it is truly amazing to get together people from around the world and hang around bloggers from across the region. I feel privileged and proud to take on the role of MC for this event.”

Alqaq, who is also creative director and multimedia trainer at Jordanian citizen journalism platform 7iber (the local of AB14), presented a six-minute fun video guide to Amman to welcome AB14 participants. Here's the video:

Alqaq just got his certification as a Zumba instructor last week from Cairo, and is putting his new dance skills to good use.

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